QC Airport Charters, Cargo and Fueling


Rhiannon ILL, Charter Operations Supervisor
24/7: 309-912-3230 
E-mail: rill@qcairport.com

Services Available:

Ticket counter passenger and baggage check-in
Passenger boarding
Marshalling of aircraft
Aircraft cabin cleaning
Aircraft water and lavatory
Baggage loading unloading
Mobile boarding stairs
Aircraft de-icing
Aircraft heating and cooling unit
Aircraft air start



24/7: Jason Sandefur 309-314-1271 
24/7: Rhiannon ILL 309-912-3230 

Services Available:

Marshalling of aircraft
Cargo loading and off-loading - fork lift
Crew Handling



Jason Sandefur, Fuel Operations Supervisor
24/7: 309-314-1271
E-mail: jsandefur@qcairport.com

Services Available:

Jet A
5,000 Gallon Fuel Trucks
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